The Reason It Started

About Me

Name: Damion Schweizer
Location: Clearwater, FL
Profession: Artist/Musician/Web Designer/Photographer

Current Author for Damion DJ & Producer Blog: Damion Schweizer

I am from Clearwater, Flordia where I'm a man who has many skills in the cultural world of art, music, and technology. I know that sounds cocky but trust me I'm not. The reason I started this blog was to expand on the knowledge of different cultural experiences we all deal with on a daily basis. Damion DJ & Producer Blog is also about finding your creativity and finding things that motivate you. This blog talks about art, graphic design, music, and many other different avenues of creativity. I also started the blog to categorize and remember things that interest my creativity and cultural experiences. I hope that this blog can be their to help inform you the reader on different avenues of music, art, design, and technology. So please enjoy.

Your comments, questions, or criticisms are welcomed and appreciated. So please let me know what you think.

To listen to or download my DJ Mixes and Blog Mixes can be found on
To listen to my productions visit
To View my Photography check out my Flickr Account (Will have a website coming soon).

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