Vinyl The Better Listening Quality

I found this article which is called Choose Best Vinyl Music with White Label Dance Promos by Ohnoerino Kamal. He talks about the differences in digital and analog sounds and the sound that you get when you listen to vinyl compared to digital. Ohnoerino speaks of the quality of digital and how it will continue in popularity and continue to grow in better mastering of digital sound.

If you're anything like me, you like music... lots of it. If you're like me you are a pack rat. A bad combination, because now you're collecting lots of vinyl music. And you're collecting CDs too, let’s not forget those. CDs play and store better than our dusty collection of vinyl music, we use them regularly.

Now you must ask yourself... When was the last time you played one of your vinyl music? Do you have a turntable/record player? How many times have you moved since the last time you played one of your records? You might realize that you don't play them anymore.

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