Reuben Wu Uncommon Places

I stumbled upon Reuben Wu and his photography and just like his work in Ladytron, I was impressed. His images let you get lost in the world that we might not always get a chance to see.  Also as you can see from the first image he also did the latest photography session with Tycho

About Reuben Wu

"I am a freelance photographer, musician, visual artist and audiovisual director. 

My background is in design and music. During my several years in industrial design, I co-founded the electronic group Ladytron in 1999 and subsequently co-wrote and produced five studio albums. My entry into photography was encouraged by an extensive international touring schedule where I was able to document the interesting locations we visited."

Check out all of his work on Behance or his website. I know I will be.

Source: Behance

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