Pringles Premium Concept

Niklas Hessman a packaging designer has come up with a nice and clean design concept for Premium Pringles. He states that he and others feel that Pringles could benefit and standout if they had a premium Pringles product line.  Here is what he said about the outcome of his packaging design;

The product will stand out from the other Pringles but still having the well known tube. Simple and clean packaging design that will work on the scandinavian market for sure. Branding the product with a little poem instead of Photoshop effects.
 If I saw this packaging I would buy it just for that, even if I didn't know what Pringles were.  The minimal design of the product is clean and like Niklas stated a little poem instead of Photoshop effects could make Pringles stand out.  What do you think?

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