Gyroscopic Midi Controller for Those DJs With ADD

DJ TechTools have updated their original MIDI Fighter controller and added a 3D gyroscope to their arcade button Midi Fighter midi controller. This will now allow DJs to change parameters like pitch, volume and effects to be controlled by simply moving it around. To me this would only be for DJs who don't like spending most of their time dancing around their laptop screen.

The Midi Fighter 3D includes a 16-button array of arcade-like buttons, that can be used as midi triggers and can be configured to any style of color theme that you would like, just in case one color was not enough to keep you focused. The midi controller will run you about $250, shipping sometime in April. So if you don't want to stand behind your laptop screen the whole time and you want to dance with your audience then this bad boy is for you!

Source: CNET

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