Timeless Bugs

Lindsey Bessanson an artist from Arizona has found a way to create robo-bugs and turn them into stiff endless time pieces.  She began her adventure of making these bugs back in 2003 and has continued to master this technique. To create these bug pieces, she takes dried, dead insects and puts them in a humidifier for a couple of days. With this, the legs and wings become flexible, allowing her to fan them out and position them according to her liking. Next, she is able to take the insect apart,  and then strengthen all the joints with metal and puts everything back together again. The completed insect is pinned to a piece of Styrofoam so it can harden into the desired position. It takes her about two weeks to complete an insect. I have put only a few of her pieces on TCL so go and check out more of her work. She does have prints available as well as the SteamPunk Insects

Photos via Hadal Art
Source: Steampunk

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