Hard Mix - Defaults LP "Free"

Recently, I found producer Hard Mix on Myspace and immediately became a fan after hearing his track "Memories" which I used in my Playlist-23 mix. His style to me is like chillwave-pop with some interesting use of backward vocals and samples with his synthesized-laden jams.

Yesterday, I was made aware by Dovecote Records that Hard Mix was generously giving away his new Defaults LP. In order to get yourself a copy you have to become a fan of Hard Mix on Facebook first, which you can do on Dovecote blog post. After that, a box will appear and bam! You will have some new music to fill your ears.

I personally have been jamming out to this album since yesterday. It's basically been on repeat and I'm still enjoying it while I type up this post. So show support and get your copy today! I also added a video below that gives you a little insight into who Hard Mix is.

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