The Arctic Whale Pavilion

Now this would be a sight to see in your travels.  Its just North of the Arctic circle and rests on the Norwegian island of Andøya lies Andenes. Known for its high population of migrating whales, the location is a prime spot for viewing the marine mammals and to celebrate the creatures, Dorte Mandrup designed The Whale. The upcoming arctic attraction is located on the island's rocky coastline. Its rolling roofline integrates itself into the shore while also resembling one of the breaching giants. Its interior will be occupied by exhibition spaces, offices, a cafe, and a store aimed at bringing awareness and protecting aquatic wildlife through art, science, and architecture. While roaming around inside, visitors will also experience dramatic views of the landscape along with glimpses of the passing whales. The pavilion is expected to open in 2022.

Photos: Dorte Mandrup

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