Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock

Most people use there phones to wake them up, but what if there was a smart alarm clock  to assist. Let me introduce you to The Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock ($119) not only does it wakes you up with a customized, soothing tone but is Alexa enabled, giving it a broad range of important functions. It's equipped with high-quality stereo speakers, giving you the option to ask Alexa to play music, or control your smartphone using the Bluetooth connectivity. That clock's dashboard is also fully customizable, giving you the day of the week, weather, and even your work commute or a check on the stock market. It has six USB ports for charging and will even connect to multiple smart devices in your home so you can control them with a push of a button. Check out more information on Doppler Alarm Clock on Kickstarter.

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