Smart Lock For Your Bike: Skylock

Since May is "Bike Month" let me introduce the Skylock ($159), its a smart lock that has a theft alert system that sends a message to your phone when someone touches your lock for an extended period of time. Messages are sent via bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. "Using Bluetooth Low-Energy, Wi-Fi, and an accelerometer.

Skylock pairs itself with a smartphone to be contextually aware. Through this connectivity Skylock can keep cyclists safer by comparing accelerometer data from a smartphone to its own and determine when a rider has been in an accident. In the event of a severe impact Skylock will send a push notification to see if the rider is ok. If they fail to acknowledge the notification within a set number of seconds, Skylock will automatically determine that the rider is seriously hurt and alert emergency responders so they can come to the rider's aid as quickly as possible."

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