Orp Smart Horn {Smorn}

Tech Gadgets and Bicycles, need we say more? This is another great idea that was made into a reality via Kickstarter and just in time for Bike Month! The Orp is a combination of a high decibel bike horn and a beacon light. Yes, it's cute but don't let the looks fool you; Orp means business when you press down on the wail tail, at 96 dB the Orp demands attention.

I took Orp for a 40 mile test ride last night and I'm really impressed by it. The 2 LED lights are surprisingly bright (87 lumens each) and the friendly sound (72 dB) came in handy while cruising down crowded trails. Making the Orp USB rechargeable was a nice touch too, carrying batteries is too much of a hassle for my minimalist ways. Tory and his team did a great job with the Orp, this thing is Orptastic. Check them out here.

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