Albert Ryan Pocket Full of Lint Review & Interview

If some of you follow my Playlist series you will recall that on Playlist-46 I featured one of Albert Ryan's track "We Meet Again". He was kind enough to reach out to me and provided me a link to his site to download a copy of his new album Pocket Full of Lint, which was release December 7th, 2012.

In reviewing his album I was quite delighted from beginning to end. It starts off like the beginning of an audio book and slowly works its way through until the end in which the climax comes to a bitter end.  It has the styles of various genre's from ambient pop, indie pop, indie hip hop, dubstep and other electronic styles all flowing in smooth succession. As for Albert's vocals it gives me a feel of listening to The Weeknd with his own style of various degrees of fluctuation in style.  I also have to give a shot out to Paul Brown and Sonny Shotz who gives "Orange Lights" and "Mr. Gold" an indie style hip hop feel that works well with each track. So if you're looking for some new music I highly recommend Pocket Full of Lint, which is currently available for Free on his site but as always please support artist like Albert Ryan.

I also had the pleasure to ask Albert a few questions about his album and himself.  So continue reading on and find out what the artist has to say about his album.

TCL: Tell me a little bit about your album Pocket Full of Lint. What was your inspiration behind this Album?

Albert: Pocket Full of Lint to me is an audio book composed of 16 chapters more so than just an album. Each song expresses a different side of me, thought and feeling. The Inspiration for the album came from experiences that I've had throughout my life. During the time I was working on the album, I was going through some rough patches. I didn't know what I wanted to go to school for anymore. I was barely making any money at my job and being raised in a traditional Asian household, chasing your dream wasn't the most reputable decision unless it was to be a doctor. In 2010, I began making trips up to Boston with just enough money for the bus fare and the dollar menu to hang out with my big bro Mik. (Who was part of the group formally known as "The Deans List"). At first it was just my get away from all the stress, but spending time with them helped me realize that music was what I've always wanted to do. I've worked countless hours working on the album to give you everything that I could offer hence the title "Pocket Full of Lint".

TCL: What kind of equipment are you currently using and if you had to choose, which one is your favorite?

Albert: As of now, I produce everything mostly digital. I'm not really proud of it, but when I was working on the album my computer was the only thing accessible. Growing up I've played the piano, drums and guitar. If I were to choose my favorite, I'd have to say the drums. To me It's the best instrument to let your emotions out without having to think too much.

TCL: Where do you get your inspiration from when making your music?

Albert: Music was my escape from everything ever since I learned how to play an instrument. If I was happy I made music. If I was sad I made music. Sometimes I don't even know how I make it, it just happens. My dads side of the family is pretty musically inclined so I guess its in my genes.

TCL: Who are some of your favorite artist right now?

Albert: Hmm.. As of right now I'd say, Passion Pit, Pharrell, Mr. Hudson, Kid Cudi and Toro Y Moi. I believe they all set themselves apart in their own respective genres.

TCL: Who would you really like to collaborate with on a song if you could?

Albert: That's a tough one.. But I'd have to pick Pharrell. He's the man with the plan. His vision is remarkable and I truly hope to work with him someday.

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