The Collective Loop Playlist-39

Take a journey in this months playlist to a more relaxing and calming place but with enough juice to have you moving in some tracks. This is one of those enjoying a night in or relaxing at the pool kind of playlist. It also has some great new tracks by Teen Daze, Purity Ring, Beat Culture and more...

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Cover art by Damion S.


1. Night Driving by The Drum
2. Give In (For The Fame) by Kuhry-oo
3. Seconds by Ghost Loft
4. Late by Teen Daze
5. Fineshrine by Purity Ring
6. Shadow by Wild Nothing
7. All Inside by Bondax
8. We Decide by Noble Oak
9. Useless by Beat Culture
10. Take Me Anywhere by Southern Shores
11. Love Some1 by Holy Other
12. Heartbeat by Mike Landry

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