Young The Giant Self-Titled Album

Young the Giant has such a strange name for a band but in the indie world that is expected. What I didn't expect though was this album to be packed full of great tracks. Their self-debut album has a summer feel to it with it contagious melodies, unending enthusiasm and unique vocals. This album even in its uplifting feel has tracks like "Cough Syrup" which has become a radio favorite; it moves the track into contemplating apathy and misdirection, but it's still catchy. "God Made Man" offers you with a slow soothing start to only end in an amazing emotional end. The sounds of this album to most would seem to be flawless with each track having its own special sound to it; however I will leave that up to your own discretion.

Young the Giant have put together a great album with a multitude of different track that are a rush of summer heat through out. I guess I can see now why they're becoming young giants in the music industry. 

Check out more of Young The Giant on their official website, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages. Have a listen to the album below.

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