Endemico Resguardo Silvestre Hotel

Twenty rooms on twenty square meters located in Mexico wine country, Baja California. These stylish but small residential boxes surround a countryside that is largely unaffected by their presents. Architect Studio Gracia designed these small hotels as a way to not interfere directly with the land, as part of the philosophy of respecting nature.

The steel that was used in the design of these Ecolofts, change color with time and better blend with nature. The interior of the rooms comes from the concept of a "deluxe" camping house, it covers the guest's basic needs but still give them a feeling of being one with nature. Each EcoLoft  also has its own wooden deck with a clay kiva fireplace so you can have a glass of wine and enjoy the stunning views. The property also features a stunning pool, a winery, and a fine food restaurant.

Source: ignatnt.de

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  1. Oh my! These photos are amazing. I seriously want to try this hotel out! There's no place like home!

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