Samsung Series 9 Monitor: Sleek Design

Samsung Series 9 Monitor 27" Quad hi-def ($1,199) is nothing but a cutting-edge, sophisticated design that blends with any decor. It has a brushed aluminum finish and screen that almost seems like it's floating in mid-air. The connections on the monitor are integrated into the base allowing for a streamlined appearance. It even has anti-glare edge-to-edge tempered glass display and a slim profile. The Series 9 monitor also has the ability to produce over one billion colors with an amazing resolution of 2560 x 1440 (WQHD), which is four times more detail than a traditional HD panel. One of the coolest features on this monitor is the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) for MHL-enabled smart phones and tablets.

By linking their Android MHL-compatible smartphone, users can enjoy content from their mobile devices directly on the much larger screen and with the benefit of rich, built-in stereo audio. They can also keep an eye on their smartphone, seamlessly browse to it and even charge the device for added convenience.

Source: Samsung, Gizmodo

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