House S

This home is located in a residential neighborhood of central Tokyo, Japan and its called House S., a single family residence for Tokyo-based studio Keji Ashizawa. The home use to be the site of an old samurai residence and is filled with beautiful pines and zelkova trees which gives this home a connection with nature and combines both nature and urban living. Each floor in this home has planting and the interior wood floors on the first level open up to a lushly vegetated garden, allowing the greenery to permeate the wood interior. The planting and the openness as well as the staircase are just a few things in this home that give it a open calming feeling to it.

Images by: Daici Ano

Source: Designboom

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  1. Wow! I really love the design of the house... it is my dream house.... a house with a very relaxing view and is connected with nature.