The Minimal Horizontal Home

A private family home located in Israel's urban neighborhood has a minimal design with huge design aspects.  The home's exterior looks as though it's just a plain white box, nothing really fancy right. Within the box though, long horizontal lines have been opened which connect the house to its surroundings.  These lines give a feeling of being frozen in time inside this box. The openings also make it possible for natural light to penetrate during the day, while at night, light seeps out into its surroundings. With having all this light fluctuation, it gives this home a more radical surrounding, then those of other urban homes.

The home's interior is simplistic and has more industrial tones but modern at the same time. The fact that most of the walls are bare and only some decorations are used, gives the home a clean sharp look. I also enjoy the openness of the lower level with the large open windows. Imagine a nice day with all the windows open and music playing while you're relaxing in the pool.  You couldn't tell me that wouldn't be awesome!  If you want to see more pictures you can check them out at Architizer.

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