Clifton Harvey "Left Behind"

In the spirit of October and the ever approaching Halloween I wanted to share some of the works of Clifton Harvey, an Ohio based illustrator and digital artist. His Left Behind series is just mysterious and ominous and the details are just astonishing. Clifton takes normal photographs and then adds some anthropomorphic characters and effects and creates a whole new image to narrate a bit of abandoned history.

I’m fond of the delicate illustrations found in children’s picture books and the way artists visually describe narratives. I’m also drawn to the moralizing stories told in old fables and the harsh realities they depict. I used both of these deliberate narrative approaches as a foundation for my series Left Behind, in which drawn characters are integrated into photographic environments using the computer. The creatures depicted in this series exist as lingering manifestations of overindulgence and the festering shame of having one’s dignity stripped from them. Their temperaments range from passive and complacent to wretched and perverse. Once abandoned, they play out a narrative that echoes personal histories in skewed environments that mimic reality.
These digitally modified photographs are very detailed as you can see. They almost look like they have been hand drawn. What I like about these anthropomorphic characters is that it gives the images a more scary and empty feel to them that makes them dark and chilling. I would highly recommend checking out more of Clifton's work. If you're interested in buying some of his work, his store will be opening soon.

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