Whats On Your Chess Board Part II

Way back in the beginning of this blog I did a post called: "What's On Your Chess Board". Where I just talked about some interesting chess boards that I had found along the way. Well today, I have a couple more to add to the collection.

Lens Chess Set

This chess set is made using real Canon and Nikon camera lenses. The company Lensrentals.com, that made this unique concept makes it available for you to rent for a whopping $9,221.00 per week. So if your a chess fanatic and you have some cash, you can play some Camera Lense Chess.

Ice Chess Set

The Ice Chess Set would be a fun and interesting way to play chess. They have silicone ice molds that create frozen chess pieces. This set is avaible for $12.99, and it's a lot cheaper then renting the  $9,221.00 per week Camera Lens Chess Set.

Key Chess Set

This sweet looking  Key Chess Set was designed by Dave Pickett around the function of skeleton keys. The skeleton keys on this board are mode of brass. One set was finished in liver sulfur petina and the other set was sandblasted. The wood includes curly maple and walnut.

LED Chess Set

Here is an innovative way for ravers to play chess in the dark.  The LED Chess Set which, you can read more about how it came about and how it was made on Instructables.com

3D Chess Board

This is a strange chess board and it would more than likely take me a minute to figure out. The 3D Chess board give another add dimension to the game we call chess.

Cardboard Chess Set

The Cardboard Chess Set is a modern set with unique chess pieces made out of cardboard. Here is a chess set that has gone green.

Straight Up Chess Set

Here is a different perspective on playing chess. This Straight Up Chess Set is a vertical wall mounted chess board. It would make you think a little different on how you would play and display your game.  They have different styles of this set, which can cost you anywhere from $185 to $300.

If you know of any other chess sets that you think could be in this collection. Let me know, leave a comment or sent me a message.

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