DJ & Producer Damion Playlist No. 1

I have decided to make a playlist for all to enjoy. It was a little difficult to find a Playlist player that actually let me load the tracks from my computer instead of a search site. I used if you were interested in knowing which player I used. I would eventually like to create one myself through Flash. Well hope you like the Playlist and the artwork I made. Also don't forget to leave me a comment. Let me know what you think.

1. Fractales Pt I by Apparat
2. Effigy by Andrew Bird
3. No ones Going to Love You by Band of Horses
4. Terrapin by Bonobo
5. Daydream In Blue by I-Monster
6. Ida, My by Annuals
7. PBS by Tycho
8. March at Dawn by GDEB
9. Each Coming Night by Iron and Wine
10. Go by 800Beloved
11. The One I Love by Greg Laswell
12. Pass Into Silence by Iceblink
13. Two Become One by Govinda
14. The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Ruxpin Remix by Mum

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