Whistling the Sounds of Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is an American musician. He was born in Illinois and resides in the Chicago area. Bird is a , a and, since 2004, a . He also is an accomplished whistler.

His early work, which echoed gypsy jazz and traditional folk, has led into his current sound, which mixes rock with more broad compositions. His years of solo song-craft have now enabled him to produce a sound that is uniquely his own.

The instrumentation is bracingly inventive, but never for mere shenanigans or showmanship. The songs are each a perfectly formed vignette. And he's a world class whistler; not the loud summoning blast, but the supple and nuanced vibrato-laced melodicism of a master. There is no shortage of utterly riveting songs here. They work their magic on their own believable terms, without a hint of cloying nostalgia or riff-fueled seduction. - David Greenberger

Currently Andrew Bird has a new CD out called Noble Beast and he is also currently on tour. If you want to see if he is playing in your area check out his site: Andrewbird.net. The new CD is such that of some soothing jazzy folk sound.

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