What's on your Chess Board

So I was playing an intense game of Chess last night with a friend in which I lost. While I was playing this game, I was thinking about some cool chess sets that I have seen online lately. Here is a couple that I have come upon.

Insect Chess Set

Alastair Mackie has made a chess set in which each piece encapsulates a single suspended insect. The white pieces are represented by flying insects.

Platonic Chess Set

Inspired by the chemical elements of carbon molecules, this cool futuristic looking chess set features peices made from the five platonic solids, except for the queen which is made from a spherical fullerenes or buckyball. This a sweet looking Paltonic chess set that I would like to own. (hint: to anyone that wants to get me one)

Glowing Onyx Chess Set

There’s something almost eerie about the Glowing Onyx Chess Table. The table is backlit with a soft glow through translucent onyx creating a hazy checkerboard pattern on the table. To really add to the effect the pieces are glass allowing the light to pass through them as well. Although I don't know a lot of chess players that like to play in the dark. I could be wrong though. It still is a cool chess set.

Chess Set 4000-FM

Flat doesn’t have to mean boring with the stylish planar pieces of the Chess Set 4000-FM. The pieces are made from soft calfskin leather and the board of pear-tree. Distinctly designed, the pieces slide into the board, firmly holding their place as you make each calculated move. $9790

Wobble Chess Set

The Wobble Chess Set allows for more interaction between the board and the pieces. Motion is added to an otherwise still game. A concave landscape stabilizes freely quivering chess pieces, creating a lively interaction between board and pieces.

Alice Chess Set

A chess set that features pieces that “magically turn transparent” when they touch the board.Inspired by the Lewis Carroll's novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass,' designer Yasmin Sethi developed a chess set that features pieces that "magically turn transparent" when they touch the board.

Carbon Fiber F1 Chess Set

If any Formula One racing fans have never paid any attention to the much slower paced game of chess, they just might after seeing this amazing set. Made from actual parts of the F1 Renault car, the Carbon Fiber Chess Set includes all sorts of parts and materials. Some of the parts used to make this chess set include the suspension, hub caps, wings and more. The set includes a wide range of strong materials like titanium, stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum, leather and of course carbon fiber. $50000.

Now after checking these out you couldn't tell me that you wouldn't want to play an intense game of chess on one of these chess sets. Let me know what you think. Go ahead and leave a comment.

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  1. I have a multi green onyx chess set that I purchased naturesartifacts.com.
    I was so excited when I got this item, beautifully handcrafted and amazing combination of marble color and i thought would be perfect for gift.