Finger Playing Power

This is one of the best representation of a blast from the past. You can't get more modern and retro in the same breath as this. This tape (see below) is an MP3 player that follows the 45/60/90 minutes norm, holding 10/15/20 select songs in digital format. Who doesn't love the Tape. Right?

There are a couple of things regarding this player that really stands out. Like for example, if you want to forward or rewind a song, you need to manually do it by rotating the spools with your finger or pencil. To play just slide the Play Button. Charging it depends how good are you at …you guessed it…rotating the spools! Rotating the second hole of the tape charges the kinetic battery. An LED light indicates the power status: Green-full charge; Amber- Medium Charge; Red- will die out any moment.

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