The NINM Lab Bluetooth CD Player

Thought you would never see one of these again did you? Seems vintage-style players are making a come back and why not the CD Player? NINM Lab's portable player ($150) is one of the most convenient ways to play the latter. Inspired by classic jewel cases and '90s design trends, it has a squared-off transparent design that allows for viewing the disc as it spins. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and lets it wirelessly stream audio to headphones, earphones, and speakers; it also has a 3.5mm output and comes with a magnetic secondary lid with a built-in speaker that turns it into a miniature boombox. It runs on two AA batteries, has a Micro USB port that can juice up rechargeable batteries (not included) or power the unit, and has a built-in magnet for attaching directly to metal surfaces. So pull out your old CD collection and let the music play! 

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