The Koto Cabin's

These stunning looking Koto Cabins bring a piece of Scandinavia to your neck of the woods. Named after the Finnish word for "cozy at home," the sleek, sculpted dwellings range in different sizes from 161 to 430-square-feet making them ideal for backyard studios or rural retreats. I know that I want one. Each one is clad in Siberian larch that can be charred upon request. Interiors follow the Nordic aesthetic with pale wood floors and white walls washed in natural light. Concealed storage and furniture help create a minimalist atmosphere. Underfloor heating, double glazed windows, and covered terraces come standard while customizations like wood stoves, saunas, and bespoke furniture are optional add-ons. They come in different sizes from large all the way down to kids size. Check out more on Koto's website.

Photos: Joe Laverty / Koto

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