The Collective Playlist-92

Welcome to The Collective Loop Playlist-92! Winter is here! The days of  relaxing and staring out the window and thinking of the winter wonderland and what is to come in the New Year.  In this installment we have new music by Hollow Coves, Big Wild, Sam Sure and more...

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Cover art by: Damion S.


1. All I Want by Dawn Golden
2. Coastline by Hollow Coves
3. Lover's Game by Geographer
4. Dafy feat. Krue by Oshan
5. Flow (Oliver Chang Remix) by Olivera
6. Invincible (ft. iDA HAWK) by Big Wild
7. Hunger by Sam Sure
8. Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix) by Anna Of The North
9. Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty
10. The Way by Hurley Mower
11. Tunnels and Planes by Nick Leng
12. Infinite High (Bee's Knees Remix) by Panama Wedding
13. Snare feat. Wild Eyed Boy by Cosmo's Midnight

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