Sada Bike

Sada Bike Side
Finding the right balance to reduce the size of a bike for greater portability in the cities can be a challenge. Gianluca Sada tackled that challenge and created a versatile bike, safe, smart and sustainable. The result is called Sada Bike, which is a bicycle that, in one motion, may shrink to the size of an umbrella. This makes it perfect for commuters who need to make many short trips. It has a frame that folds in order to achieve maximum portability. It can be carried in a backpack-sized, with other objects! Unlike many bicycles, which usually get their strength from the spoke tension, the strength of Sada Bike is incorporated in the rims. The wheels of Sada Bike are no rays! This bike is currently available to the public, however it may be a while due to it is in a phase of re-prototyping, in collaboration with the Turinese studio MGRD.

Sada Bike Right Side

Sada Bike No Ray

Sada Bike No Ray Right Side

Sada Bike Folded

Sada Bike Size Fikded

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