MenEssentials Shaving Heaven

MenEssentials for that smooth clean shave while doing it in style. You will look great and feel awesome! MenEssentials provides a huge selection of razors, creams, shaving kits and facial products and more to meet any guys standards.

They were kind enough to send me two products to try. They sent the Merkur MK-23001 double edge safety razor and LEA Classic Shaving Cream. Let me tell you how this has changed my thought process on shaving. This takes shaving to a next level with the use of a double edge blade, which is actually cheaper than the standard razors. The Shaving Cream alone has helped smooth out my skin and leaving it looking and feeling soft compared to other shaving creams that I have tried. I don't think I could go back to the store bought razors and shaving cream after using these two products. Thanks MenEssentials!

So check out MenEssentials and explore the different brands to match your shaving/face style and start buying away. Shipping is free for any orders over $50 and for first time buyers here is a promo code for 10% off your first order "ME10PERCENT".

Merkur MK-23001 double edge safety razor LED Shaving Cream Urth Men's Products Imperial Men's Products

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