Ford Unveils Smart Bike

MoDe: Flex eBike
The Ford Motor Company has announced plans to implement Smart Mobility Plan. The corporation has unveiled the MoDe:Flex concept an eBike that provides hands-free, turn-by-turn navigation while tracking your heart rate. It also bring all the real-time data to your smartwatch as well.

Connecting to users' smartphones by utilizing the MoDe:Link app, the MoDe:Flex provides up to the minute information pertaining to navigation, weather, time and traffic, among other features.

A user with a smartwatch can then activate a feature such as "no sweat" mode, which, based on the rider's heart rate, can increase electric pedal assist to ensure a rider does not break a sweat. So, for those bike riders who have the issue of showing up to drenched in sweat, there's an app for that.

There is even more to this eBike. Ford also announced that the wearable device comes with safety notifications. Like when your about to hit a pothole. The handlebars will trigger a vibration and the smartwatch will beep as a warning signal. So that your face doesn't get notified by the pavement.

Check out the video below for more information. It will get you pumped about this eBike!

Source: Mashable

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