The Collective Loop Playlist-73

We have arrived at The Collective Loop Playlist-73.  Summer is approaching but we are still holding onto the feeling of spring. So let's keep feeling the change.  In this month's installment we have new music by Trails and Ways, Dive In, WhoMadeWho and more...

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Cover art by: Damion S. 


1. Ember by WhoMadeWho
2. Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit
3. Skeletons by Trails and Ways
4. Eighteen by Dive In 
5. Honey by Future Honey 
6. Look Up by MAS YSA
7. Lost and Found (Feat. Cal Zafiro) by Midoca
8. Somewhere by Colleagues
9. Just Yet by For Esme
10. Last Light (Ft. Jose Gonzalez) by Zero7
11. Hum Hum by Mating Ritual
12. Together Or Alone by Eternal Summer
13. Cruise by Attom 
14. Earth Not Above by Haelos

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