The Collective Loop Playlist-72

Welcome to TCL Playlist-72. Spring is here and the days of hanging out in the park with some good music is here.  So press play and get lost in your imagination if you're not in a park right now. In this installment we have new music by Coldplay, Bearson, The Wombats and more...

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Cover art by Damion S. 


1. Better Man by Leon Bridges
2. Carefree by Stefan Pruett
3. Emoticons by The Wombats
4. Rollin' On by Royal Tongues
5. Fool For Love by Lord Huron 
6. Go For It by CRUISR
7. Grunge by The Verigolds
8. Home (Tep No Remix) by Hollow Coves
9. Ink by Coldplay
10. Pitt's Comb by My Teenage Stride 
11. Islip by Lazyeyes
12. Hometown by Table People
13. Perfect Picture by I Know Leopard
14. Eyes of a Lion by Snowdrifts
15. Pink Medicine by BEARSON

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