Curved Wood Handlebar's

Thibaut Malet is the 24 year old from Montreal QC, Canada that designed these beautiful oak and beech wood handlebar's. They are not only minimal but also functional.  Who wouldn't want a slick looking wooden handlebar for their road bike.  The other thing that caught my attention was the packaging.  Each handlebar comes in a minimal box with all the shavings from the wood of the handlebar so nothing is wasted.

I think design should optimize space and minimize the use of materials, from his packaging to his final function, this is why I try to conceive simple objects, easy to dismantle, and mobile.
There currently is a store but it looks like he might be out at this time. I wasn't able to find a price either but check out his website to see his other projects.  Also I'm sure you can email him if your interested in purchasing his handlebars.

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