Concept 1865 Electric Velocipede

German design studio DING3000 has developed the "Concept 1865", an e-velocipede, in collaboration with BASF. The ready-to-ride prototype features an electric drive and is made almost entirely of modern BASF plastics. Only the brake, axles and motor are still made of metal. 24 different polymer applications, such as bearing-less all-plastic pedals made of 'ultra-son' and puncture-proof tires made of 'infinergy' — a closed cell expanded thermoplastic polyurethane — are featured in the construction of the 'concept 1865'. The seat of the concept 1865 is detachable and holds the battery for the electric drive. The tires also have integrated LED's and inlaid optical wave-guides are concealed in the forks of the bike.

Images by © refael krotez

Source: Designboom

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