The Collective Loop Playlist-41

Welcome to Playlist-41 in this months installment I wanted to bring down the feeling of summer and start in the mellow and chill sounds of Fall. We all remember the cool crisp air, falling leaves and changing colors so I wanted to make a mix that had a feeling of relaxation but still have a slight upbeat.  We have some artist like The xx, Cerulean, Holy Other and more.  Happy listening.

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1.  The Sound by Maria Minera
2.  Great Design by Black Marble
3.  Amenamy by Purity Ring
4.  Goth Creep by Catamaran
5.  Angels Bodhi Remix by The xx
6.  While got It Together by Armeria
7.  Dreams by Taken By Trees
8.  Hearts Stop by Cerulean
9.  Lightweight Eyes by Future Unlimited
10. Bedbedbedbedbed by Deleted Scenes
11. Malabar by Southern Shores 
12. Held by Holy Others

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