Leap Motion Control Device

If your looking for a way to communicate with your computer via hand movements then the Leap Motion Control Device ($70) is for you.  No more finger marks on that beautiful LED monitor of yours. The idea was based on proprietary technology; this sleek, compact motion sensor sits on your desk in front of your monitor, creating a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet that is 200X more accurate than anything else on the market.

Two or three hundred thousand lines of code later, we’ve figured out how to use the Leap to create an interaction space around your computer, in 3D.  Able to distinguish thumbs from fingers, and even handheld items like a pencil.  This allows users to interact like never before, using only natural movements.
And we went a step further. You will be able to create custom gestures that fit how you want to use your computer. You can even network more than one Leap device, to create even larger interaction areas. 
If you're thinking about getting one, then click on over to their site and put in your pre-order.  Their currently is only a limited number that are available for pre-order at LeapMotion.com.

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