Advertising from the Mad Men Era

Advertising from the Mad Men Era ($59.99) is a two volume collection of fascinating advertisements from the 50s and 60s. It's a collection of thousands of images; this companion set of books offers the best in American print advertising in the age of the "Big Idea". It captures the colorful capitalism that dominated the 50s and 60s and shows the height in which magazines were flooded with campaigns selling everything from girdles to guns. It also includes a wide range of significant advertising campaigns from both eras; giving you an insight into the zeitgeist of the time but it won't be available until February 2012. You'll have to wait 2 months to get a copy but I think it would be worth the wait. Check out the other books as well on Taschen.

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  1. Sounds cool. Though I wonder if the same principles that made these advertisements very successful before may still apply today in the age of internet and technology. I think advertising is more complicated this time.