Kinisi: Sun Battle Soul Album

Back in September of 2010 I talked about the Atlanta band Kinisi who had a track "beach frogs" featured on Playlist-18. Kinisi is the creative project of Speros Constantine Kokenes and he was nice enough to notify me via email that he has completed a New Album called "Sun Battle Soul".

He states that it's a fully instrumental composition meant to be listened to as one complete work. The concept of the album revolves around a theme of the organic vs. the inorganic, exploring the harmony and disharmony that results from the interaction of the physical world and the mental consciousness we experience and questioning where/how time exists in this relationship. The track titles serve as a (admittedly ambiguous) program guide for the story of two characters who's crossing of paths results in tension, hostility, and ultimately resolution.

Did I mention that it's available to download for FREE. Also don't forget to check out his other two EP on his bandcamp site.

Released 31 January 2011
Artwork by Daniel Hendrik van Luijk

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