The Hobbits Playhouse

This Habitable Polyhedron is yet another strange and interesting outdoor living space. It was designed by Manuel Villa. This project was meant for a family house back yard in the suburbs, aimed at designing a small park or opened area where the young parents and their newborn child would enjoy a independent space from day to day house activities, a space for reading, playing, etc... Seeing how the project was focused on children the project was inspired in the shape’s perception processes that children develop in their first years of life. The basic shapes of things and their differences are key elements in the development of knowledge, and specifically in acquiring reading skills and geometric basic concepts. I thought that was an interesting way to look at the project and to find a way to increase knowledge just based on the shapes they chose for this design.

This is a nice design with a large beautiful window to capture the natural light. It has plenty of shelving and it also has a little drawing desk for you or your kids or for the hobbit living in your backyard.

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