Windows Mobile 6.5.1 Already in the Works

Windows Mobile 6.5 launched earlier this month and people weren’t very impressed. Windows Mobile 6.5 was just release on October 6th this year and the company is already working on updates for this version with Windows Mobile 6.5.1. This may be because a lot of users felt that the operating system really didn't change much from previous versions. This doesn't give users of the current platform much reason to be convinced in staying with the windows platform. Windows Mobile 6.5 does have a new and improved web browser and home screen so I guess that is a plus.

Windows Mobile 6.5.1 will however bring several significant improvements, including a rewritten, finger-friendly contact application, according to Download Squad. Microsoft is also adding several UI elements, including buttons and check boxes with a visual refresh that will hopefully address how most of the OS still looks like it's from 2002.

Windows Mobile 7 is expected out next year, and it will reportedly represent a major shift by including more finger-friendly controls and a new version of Office Mobile. But until then, it sounds like Windows Mobile 6.5.1 might be the way to go if you're stuck with a Windows Mobile device.

Read more at DownloadSquad via jkontherun

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