The VanMoof S3 E-Bike

VanMoof's premium line of stylish e-bikes just got sweeter with the new VanMoof S3 e-bike ($1998), featuring upgraded tech and a much lower price. A new four-speed automatic electronic gear shifter and works without the motor being engaged. The motor gets improved to a 350W peak unit, and new hydraulic front and rear brakes help stop the increased power. The app lets you change things like shift points, riding modes, and even the horn sound, while VanMoof estimates a range of up 90 miles using the economy setting. Details like brake lines and wiring all pass inside the frame and comes with an integrated anti-theft tech, keeping the look extremely clean while guarding your e-bike. With a long list of improvements and a reduction in price, this might be the best e-bike on the market.

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