Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker

This might be something thats small but your hoping you don't lose. Measuring just 3.75 inches square and only 1.5 inches thick, the Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker ($110) produces surprisingly booming sound for such a small speaker. The secret is in the custom-designed transducer, dual-passive radiators, and battery that were designed in tandem as a single system. As a result, this tiny speaker can provide up to 6 hours of clear, satisfying audio per charge. It's waterproof, the silicone exterior holds up well against bumps, falls, dirt, and sand, and a durable strap makes it easy to attach to whatever's around. Did I mention you could use Siri and Google Assistant as well with this device. Available in black, midnight blue, and orange, it can also pair with a second unit for full stereo sound.

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