Part One - The Futuristic Modern - The Denny

Oh Seattle, how you've managed to design and build yet another great addition to the unique city. I bring you The Denny. Tah Dah!! With the freedom to commute, the simple transportation that Seattle provides, this is a cyclists dream. In the event that an occasional off routine ride may happen, you will be guided by the all inclusive safety, security, and convenience that this bike gives. Those are the concepts of what this bike was built on. Even those who are non-riders will definitely choose a The Denny as their mode of transportation.

Lets face is, today's urban commute makes us all question if we'll be ok to even cross the street. The fear of having to navigate, dodge, and seek safety can be an overload on anyone trying to get from point A to point B. Lighting is a huge factor for safety. Although strobing lights are rather useful, research has shown that it can make it difficult for motorists to judge speed and distance. With that being said, The Denny uses day light running lights, brake lights, and turn signals like every other vehicle on the road. The idea of having lights always running, makes The Denny easier for motorists to track. Remember, SAFETY FIRST!

Having a bike stolen really sucks and is just flat out rude. It's an ugly fact of city life that your security system just never feels secure enough. To combat the uneasiness in your gully works, The Denny comes equipped with an integrated U-lock handlebar security system. WHAAATTTT?! The handlebar can be fully removed to lock the bike frame securely onto other secure structures. The "quick stop" locking mechanism keeps your life moving when you stop for coffee while it keeps the creeps from ruining your week.

Convenience runs all through this thing. The automatic transmission and powered pedal assist will keep you going on Seattle's winding roads and varying terrain. It's auto adjusting lights will make sure you are never struggling to see the very avoidable pothole. Another convenient feature is the removable battery solution. Not having to lug my bike to a charging station is pretty awesome, especially if you're petite like myself. The storage platform gives you a place to secure your coffee, purse, bag of food, or whatever you fancy.

Overall, the look and feel is approachable, yet edgy. It gives you the WOW factor, but not the flashy obnoxious kind. It's simple and confident that the mixed Seattle lifestyle is known for. If you're interested, check out the video below! Lucky for you, it won in a contest! So, lets give a big thanks to Fuji Bikes who will be manufacturing it.

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