One-High Table by EhoEHo Studio

This beautifully designed table was created by the founded designer Endri Hoxha from Eho Eho Studios. The One-High Table is an elegant desk perched on an inspired hairpin base. This raw wood desk with multiple storage spaces doesn't only provide storage, but gives it an unique style.

On this project, Endri Hoxha says:

"An elegant twist of the One-Two table with metal hair pin style legs, live hardwood edge and a singular off-center dropped box. Place a chair and a laptop and it is your ideal work desk. place along a corridor and drop your keys and email in the vertical slots as you enter your icts in Minimal and Unique approach  in home design., the High Table accommodates Any residential space. "
For more information, visit 's EhoEho.

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  1. Congrats for the designer! This desk is just amazing! Beautiful work!