Bloom Chips: Fixing the Issues of the Pringles Can

We all know and love Pringles, but we also know those cylindrical canisters can be a hassle.  You never  get a handful of chips every time you put your hand down the tube or you end up with chip fragments at the very end.  Who likes chip fragments?

Young designers Dohyuk Kwon, Kim Seok-woo, Seo Dong-Han, In Sung-hoonm, and Lee Bum-ho didn't like the current packaging, so they came up with there conceptual Bloom Chip potato chip container.  It may look like a regular old Pringles can, but when the paper band is removed; it blooms into a shape that makes a chip bowl.  This conceptual idea though only makes this bloom practical for a single-serving can since you can not close up the bloom container. The design though was so clever that it ended up winning the Red Dot Design Award.

So how practical do find this design?

Check out the Premium Pringles Concept.

Source: Fast Codesign

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