The Collective Loop: Playlist-43

Welcome to Playlist-43 and all it has to offer this month.  If this months installment we have some new music by Blackbird Blackbird, Chad Valley and a Slow Magic remix.  So hope you enjoy a steady flow of music coming your way.

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1.  All by Blackbird Blackbird
2.  Falling Together by Lymbyc System
3.  Another Moon by Tearjerker
4.  Breathing by Zach Schimpf
5.  Conveyor by Woolgatherer
6.  Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix) by Chad Valley
7.  Sky Bicycle by Born Gold
8.  The Wheel by Sohn
9.  Tall like Gulliver by Birkwin Jersey
10. The Mother We Share by Chvrches
11. Wolf Girl (Slow Magic Remix) by Simian Ghost
12. The Orchids (Psychic TV Cover) by Wildarms

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