Samsung Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

Samsung Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

Larger monitor screens might be a little large but not when it's curved. That's why the curve of the Samsung Quantum Dot Curved 34" Monitor ($999) makes so much sense. In addition to its view-enhancing bend, it also uses quantum dot technology to cover more than 125 percent of the sRGB spectrum,Ultra WQHD enables a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 — 2.5 times the pixel density of Full HD , and a sleek white chassis that minimizes the bezel and hides unsightly cords in the neck. The result is an ideal large-format screen for those who need the extra real estate, and a luxurious playing field for serious gamers.

Samsung Quantum Dot Curved Monitor Split Screen
Samsung Quantum Dot Curved Monitor back side

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  1. Samsung is the number one electronic company and its products are reliable and durable. Samsung is securing the highest share in the market; other than I have seen its products in the market. But its high prices stop me for buying its products and I would not prefer to purchase any other brand.



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